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Just a Big List of Wedding Activities

There are so many ways to bring your own personality into your wedding day that breaks the traditional- I believe in instilling little bits of yourselves into your wedding day and taking time to remember all the little steps that brought you here. Do you always go for a hike on Saturdays? Is making your coffee together on a slow morning your favorite part of your day? These things stand out as little micro impressions of your relationship and I believe those belong on your wedding day! Wether you want to share those with moments with close friends and family or save them for just your partner is up to you! I’ve compiled a list of big and small ideas to share special moments on your day as well as special touches to incorporate to a larger or more traditional wedding day!

Adventurous Wedding Day Activities

  • Jump in an alpine lake, cold plunge, river float
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Hike to your favorite summit
  • Fly fishing
  • Canoe/Kayak
  • Yoga session
  • Camp in backcountry to have a sunrise ceremony
  • Rent a vintage car
  • Go for run
  • Cheers at the top of the Space Needle
  • Go whale watching
  • Rent out your favorite bar or restaurant
  • Go sailing
  • Ski or snowboard

More Intimate Wedding Day Activities

Couple writes their vows for their wedding day
  • Make your morning coffee or breakfast together
  • Write letters together for your closest family or friends
  • Write letters to each other to read on your anniversary
  • Paint or draw together in the morning
  • Make your own bouquet or floral pieces together
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Have a candlelit private dinner, maybe rent a private chef
  • Set up a projector and watch your favorite movie (or host a screening for a fun larger wedding activity)
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Have a small picnic
  • Go to your favorite coffee shop together
  • Walk your dogs together
Couple enjoys a beer at their favorite brewery

Activities for Group

  • Morning hike before the wedding, maybe with summit pancakes!
  • Brewery/Winery Tour or turn your reception into a brewery hop with a trolley or bus
  • Food Truck park
  • Make a meal together at your airbnb
  • Play yard games
  • Have a puzzle set up at your reception
  • Have a small craft or art project for guests to do
  • Rent out a group campsite and have a camping potluck
  • Dress up in a fun theme (like retro 70s glam!) and take over the town
  • Karaoke room or station

There are no limits to creating a day that will be curated to show your special moments as a couple! What do you think would be a fun activity to share with your partner or closest people on your wedding day or weekend??

Wedding Activities




Just a Big List of Wedding Activities

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